Advisory Pamphlet 29
CASAS hereby announces its publication of Advisory Pamphlet 29: Voluntary Aviation Safety Reporting System

Advisory Pamphlet 28
Advisory Pamphlet 28: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Laser) Operations and Reporting Illumination of Aircraft

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Wanneer wordt een medisch certificaat geschorst?
Suspension of medical certificates

  1. In case of doubt concerning the medical fitness of the holder of a medical certificate the Director may determine that the person involved shall again have to take a complete or partial medical examination, while furthermore the validity of that medical certificate may be suspended;
  2. The validity of a medical certificate can also be suspended in case of a temporary or permanent rejection on medical grounds;
  3. The person holding the medical certificate shall be informed of a suspension by registered letter stating the reasons;
  4. The person involved shall be obligated to hand over to the Director the medical certificate in his possession within eight days after the date of sending the notification intended;
  5. In the cases in which the medical fitness of the person involved allows it, the Director shall provide the person involved with a new medical certificate of a lower class, than the one subject to the suspension;
  6. A suspension may be lifted in the following cases:
    1. if the medical examination intended in the first paragraph has been passed successfully;
    2. by revocation of the medical certificate;
  7. After the lifting of the suspension, other than by revocation of the medical certificate, the person involved shall receive a new medical certificate.

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