Advisory Pamphlet 29
CASAS hereby announces its publication of Advisory Pamphlet 29: Voluntary Aviation Safety Reporting System

Advisory Pamphlet 28
Advisory Pamphlet 28: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Laser) Operations and Reporting Illumination of Aircraft

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Hoe lang is een luchtwaardigheidscertificaat geldig?
  1. Airworthiness Certificates are effective for 12 (twelve) months unless sooner surrendered, suspended or revoked, or a special termination date is otherwise established by the Authority
    (1) A special flight permit is valid for the period of time specified in the permit.
    (2) A Certificate of Airworthiness shall be renewed or shall remain valid,  subject to the laws of the State of Registry
  2. When an aircraft imported for registration in Suriname has a Certificate of Airworthiness issued by another Contracting State, Suriname may, as an alternative to issuance of its own Certificate of Airworthiness, establish validity by suitable authorisation to be carried with the former Certificate of Airworthiness accepting it as the equivalent of a Certificate of Airworthiness issued by Suriname. The validity of the authorisation shall not extend beyond the period of validity of the Certificate of Airworthiness or one year, whichever is less.

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