Advisory Pamphlet 29
CASAS hereby announces its publication of Advisory Pamphlet 29: Voluntary Aviation Safety Reporting System

Advisory Pamphlet 28
Advisory Pamphlet 28: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Laser) Operations and Reporting Illumination of Aircraft

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Hoe lang is een vliegbrevet geldig?
  1. The validity term of a pilot licence is 24 months;
  2. The validity term of an IR endorsement is 12 months;
  3. The validity term of an FI, IRI or TRI endorsement is 24 months;
  4. The validity of all other endorsements is determined by the validity of the pilot licence on which the endorsement is made;
  5. The privileges originating in a pilot licence or an endorsement will only be valid for those aircraft or starting methods for which the holder of that licence holds a rating.

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