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Airman Testing


Airman testing and training for personnel licenses


CASAS in the process of implementing a new system for the training and testing of airman applicants.  The new system will include an Airman Knowledge Test Delivery (AKTD) program, which is an online internet test delivery system offering real-time administration of airman knowledge tests and resulting test reports.  Corresponding skill test standards will also be implemented.  Knowledge Test Guides are being developed for each personnel licence to provide applicants with information on preparing to take a particular knowledge test.  This information will include subject matter outlines, reference materials such as training handbooks and applicable regulations, and sample questions.  Training handbooks are also available as part of this system.  This system is planned for phased implementation over a six month period.  The first phase has been available since August 14th  2006, beginning with licenses and ratings relating to the aeroplane category.


The personnel licenses and ratings that will comprise this new system when fully implemented include the following:

  1. Private pilot aeroplane, helicopter, and glider aircraft categories;
  2. Commercial pilot aeroplane, helicopter, and glider aircraft categories;
  3. Airline transport pilot aeroplane and helicopter aircraft categoies;
  4. Instrument rating aeroplane and helicopter;
  5. Aircraft type ratings for pilot licenses;
  6. Ground instructors, flight instructors, and designated examiners;
  7. Flight Engineer; including ratings of turboprop, turbojet and reciprocating engine;
  8. Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer;
  9. Mechanics general, airframe, powerplant and avionics ratings, including Inspection Authorisations;
  10. Parachute Rigger Senior and Master licenses, including ratings of seat, back, chest and lap.


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